Can any child receive these funds?
Qualifying income children, attending preschools licensed by DHS, public schools, private schools or charter schools can receive funding.
Can I designate an organization receive these funds?

Absolutely! We welcome you supporting the schools you love.

Can I do this in addition to other tax credits?

Yes. You can do this as well as the public school, private school and Qualified Charitable organization tax credits.

My family income is above the qualifying level can my child still benefit?

Your child can not receive funding directly, but they do benefit by attending a school where budgets are being met, programs are being funded and by seeing their parents demonstrate a spirit of compassion and giving.

What can these funds be used for?

Funds primarily are used to help income qualifying families who need a little assistance with preschool costs and before /aftercare expenses, but some of the funds can go to programs the school is trying to fund such as playground equipment or books for the library.

This is a great way we can all work together build community and make your school a better place.

Who is considered qualifying income?

For this purpose, income below 150% of the federal poverty level.